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Friday, July 17, 2009

Cause perfect only makes you crazy / There is no way that it can save me

  1. By an interesting set of happenstances, it looks as thought I may have a great deal of free time this weekend. (Assuming you can count any time spent baby wrangling as "free time", anyway). My goals: Not to watch too much TV, to actually accomplish something, and possibly several somethings. More to prove I *can* than anything else. We'll see how that actually works out.
  2. Brianna's doing fine, still fat and happy and we finally got rid of the ear infections. Yay! She's sitting very well now, and trying to pull herself up to a sitting position from laying down (she still needs some help). She loves her solid food, and has been eating like a champ (even prunes!). But not sleeping. Combinations of snuggling her lovey and being swung on the porch swing usually get her to go to sleep... but staying asleep is another story - we've been up 4-5 times several nights, and it sucks (for me anyway). So yeah. Might impact the "getting stuff done" goals of this weekend.
  3. More geek humor, because that's the kind of girl I am.
  4. It seems I spend a lot of time these days asking myself questions - and typically ones that don't have good answers (and mostly parenting related these days). Stuff like, Am I doing this *right*? Do I feed her enough? Too much? Do they feed her too much at daycare? Why am I so behind? Should we be doing more educational activities, whatever that means? Should she still be using a paci? Should she be using a sippy cup? Am I ruining her teeth by letting her nurse to sleep at night? Why are we not sleepign through the night? Will I ever have time to read The No Cry Sleep Solution, to try to solve this? Do we want more kids? When? Should I get a new ob/gyn? When am I going to make it to the dentist? When do I need to take the baby to the dentist? ... ... ... Most of these questions occur to me at like, 4am. Not conducive to great problem solving. But, I guess it all goes with the territory.
  5. I joined a scrapbooking group, which has been fun. they meet a couple times a month to work on pages and socialize and stuff, so I went last weekend and had a great time (even if I only got one page done). It's odd to get out and be social again - I'm kind of out of my comfort zone, but that might be a good thing.
  6. Also went to the local La Leche League meeting - again more being social. They were really nice, not the crazy-breastfeeding-nazi people that I half expected, lol. Lots of good information, and good discussion with other mommies. Still haven't solved my supply problem, but at least I know I'm not alone. And I'm getting out! And talking to people! So I feel a little less isolated.
  7. And I have more socialness this weekend - there's a Women's Tea at church for the new preacher's wife, and I signed up to help, and to bring finger sammiches (which means Sunday morning will be more crazier than usual, lol). Slowly, I'm getting the hang of this whole non-hermit thing. It was so much easier in college... there, you had to work to be a hermit. In the real world, you have to work *not* to be. So Yeah. I'm working on it :-)
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posted by Deedee 12:50 PM

My oldest is 3 and 1/2, and I'm STILL a hermit :) It gets comfortable, but that just means that when you DO get out? It's truly exciting and fun. My family all think I'm crazy for being such a homebody, but whatever works, right?

Oh, and I also am a big over thinker with all questions like those you listed on 4. Hopefully, time will pass and we'll no longer feel the need to question every thing we do :) Ah, the trouble with being a mom.
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