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Friday, June 19, 2009

You just stick the right formula in / A solution for every fool

  1. Corporate America & our fine legal system are so awesome. Came across this gem this week:
    It is my understanding that we agreed to include the text [...] However, it was not in the terms that the text be legible. It was under the advice of our counsel that we made the text very small and difficult to read.
    You have to love it. Or something.
  2. Being a relatively new Smart phone user, I appreciate this. I wish everyone thought that way, really. For example - it may take me a week to get to respond to a personal email. That's just the way it is. I try, but, it happens that way anyway. Sorry?
  3. I thought this was funny. And of course, the follow up here. Just thought I'd share :-)
  4. I love this post from One Thing. I've been thinking about it a lot this week... it sums up a lot of the way I've felt lately. Here's a quote:
    But these things donít matter at all, because once you are Real you canít be ugly, except to people who donít understand. [...] I want to be real. I donít want to demand careful handling. I want those sharp edges to be worn off by that Love that isnít afraid to be hurt. Can I stop being afraid of breaking long enough to let that happen?
    I wish I could say things as clearly and concisely as she did.
  5. I hate feeling like I suck at life. And I feel that way a lot. I hear that parenting small children has that affect on people. I feel like I'm kind of wandering through life, blundering my way along, hoping that I don't get anything too terribly wrong in the process. There has to be a better way?
  6. I thought this was funny. Celebrity ghost twittering, indeed. And more Twitter-ness, on a slightly more serious level.
  7. If anyone has any tips for how to stay healthy (and keep Brianna healthy!) - without just boarding ourselves up in the house and never leaving - I'm all ears. Chad, Brianna, and I have been sick, one thing and another, for like a month. I'd like to be healthy again, please?
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